FlyKly / Reinventing the Bicycle Wheel

The FlyKly turns any ordinary bicycle into a smart bike.

The FlyKly Smart Wheel is an all-in-one pedal assist system. It includes an app to monitor speed and lock the bike when not in use, as well as a headlight phone mount which charges your phone on the go. It’s even smart enough to suggest faster and safer travel routes based on your habits.

The Story

Niko Klansek, an entrepreneur with a passion for bicycles and technology, introduced the first line of FlyKly electric bicycles in the US in 2011. After this first experience, he saw many opportunities to innovate and eventually set out to make electric bikes more simple and accessible.


For years, Niko worked on a concept to motorize an ordinary bicycle. Finally, he decided it was time to actualize the idea. He sketched the rough concept and started working with a team of engineers, designers, software developers, and bicycle culture researchers.

The team finalized the first working prototype in early 2013 and completed a successful Kickstarter campaign in November. They raised over $700,000—well above their $100,000 goal!


The first Smart Wheels are scheduled to ship in November 2014. All FlyKly products are made in Italy, with production and development based in Milan.

The Makers

The FlyKly team is made up of cycling enthusiasts. “We are dedicated to making bicycle friendly cities and improving the way we travel from A to Z in the fastest, smoothest and smartest way possible.”


Also By These Makers

It’s an all-star team, as many of these young creatives have also been part of multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns:

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