Mark One / The World’s First 3D Printer to Print with Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is 20x stronger than the plastics usually used in 3D printing.

Mark One is the world’s first 3D printer designed to print with continuous carbon fiber. In this video, the makers tell their story, and explain how this technology will change the way me make things in the future.

The Mark One Process

MarkForged, the company behind the Mark One, plans to revolutionize the way we use carbon fiber. Despite the benefits of carbon fiber’s strength and light weight, it’s traditionally labor intensive and hard to work with.

MarkForged developed a new type of continuous carbon fiber material that can be printed with their beautifully designed Mark One—a printer any designer would be proud to display on their desktop.


The idea is to help simplify the design, iteration and creation of composite parts without the use of bulky equipment. To achieve this goal, the printer uses two print heads to build with plastic or nylon, as well as MarkForged’s carbon fiber or fiberglass filaments.

Early prototypes can be printed using only the cost-efficient plastic or nylon. The MarkForged software then aids in determining where carbon fiber can be used as a reinforcement. The final product is then printed, using both materials, in one seamless process.


The MarkForged team imagines that this is only the beginning of a revolution in 3D printing, and is excited to see real-life applications in aviation, robotics, prosthetics, space and countless other fields.

The Makers

MarkForged was founded by Greg Mark, an aerospace engineer who until recently worked on high-performance race car wings. After years of designing and manufacturing composite parts, he understood the limitations of traditional methods, and set out to develop 3D printing hardware to automate it.

“There’s a lot between an idea, and a product. That gap is filled by a team,” says Greg. The team is made up of mechanical engineers, scientists, plastic experts, and a creative director for “art, marketing and sexiness.”


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Photos and video via MarkForged.