Tinitell / A Watch that Keeps You in Touch with Your Kids

Tinitell is the world’s smallest phone: a one-button wearable to help parents communicate with their adventurous kids.

A Simple Solution

The idea for Tinitell originated when Swedish-American founder Mats Horn spent an evening at a friend’s house. His friend didn’t feel comfortable letting his child go out to play unaccompanied, but also had to cook dinner. The immediate (and unsatisfactory) solution was for everyone to stay inside. Mats then set out to create a better option for parents looking to stay connected without inhibiting childhood freedom.

Mats moved back to Sweden and assembled a young but accomplished team. Their solution is an affordable, durable, and elegant GPS-enabled wearable phone for kids, paired with a mobile app for parents. It’s voice activated commands are simple, it’s design is intuitive, and it’s waterproof construction will hold up on even the most rugged adventures.


The Tinitell team is passionate about technology and design. However, at the end of the day, their core philosophy is to encourage more kids to just go outside and play.

Tinitell Team

The Making of Tinitell

Mats’ interest in manufacturing can be traced back to his father’s operation of a plastic factory in Memphis, Tennessee. He’s also no stranger to good design and business, having studied architecture and economics at Brown University. In this video, Mats explains a bit about the Tinitell watch’s design and development process—from its Scandinavian-influenced aesthetics to its much more complex inner workings:

The product has been a few years in the making, and just finished a successful Kickstarter campaign this spring. The first shipment is scheduled for early 2015.

The Makers

The Stockholm-based Tinitell team is comprised of young industrial designers, telecom experts, engineers, and marketing professionals:


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Photos and videos via Tinitell.