Vessyl / The World’s Smartest Cup

“Beverages are the #1 single source of calories.”

Vessyl knows what you drink and keeps track, so you can easily monitor your calorie intake and alter your habits. Check out how it works, and hear from the makers about inspiring you to make healthier and more informed decisions:

Designing Healthier Choices

Vessyl is just the first offering by Mark One, a new company co-founded by Justin Lee and Yves Behar. Their team has a powerful mission to inspire you to take control of your health, and plans to do so by developing technology-driven products.

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“We’ve seen these really interesting activity trackers… But what we consume—our food, our beverages—that’s as important, if not more important, than burning calories through exercise,” says Lee.

Vessyl tracks your calorie, sugar, protein, and fat consumption throughout the day. It also monitors your real-time hydration needs, which are often more complex than “drink 8 glasses of water per day.”

Designing Vessyl


Mark One collaborated with Yves Behar’s fuseproject team to craft a beautifully simple aesthetic. “Our goal for Vessyl was to make it look relatively ordinary with an element of sophistication that makes it distinctly stand out. We textured the cup with a riveted, porcelain-like surface, and a spill-proof magnetic lid that seamlessly slides open and closed. The interior is hydrophobic, keeping cleaning time to a minimum.”



The basic design is minimal, but with an opportunity to add a custom colored lid for a little personality. “Vessyl acts as both a functional cup, and a sleek accessory.”


Meet the Makers

The Mark One team: “We develop new and impactful technologies, but our main goal is to implement these technologies in products that seamlessly integrate with your life.”


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Photos via Vessyl and fuseproject.