Meet The Bearded Brothers of Mast Brothers Chocolate

Mast Brothers Chocolate

Meet Rick and Michael Mast, the bearded brothers behind the famous bean-to-bar Brooklyn chocolate company.

The brothers condense their childlike curiosity and sense of adventure into each bar, and take incredible pride in craftsmanship. “The chocolate itself represents more than just a candy bar… it represents a new way of handcrafting food,” says Rick Mast. “Everything roots back to our love affair with the spirit of craft,” and the brothers list wooden sailboats, old books, and historic buildings as sources of inspiration.

Even the beautifully printed wrapping is designed in-house–a specific pattern for each new flavor–and then deliberately printed on paper that is the weight of old butcher’s paper.


The brothers have been known to go as far as to sail their beans directly to Brooklyn on a 70ft schooner, the first commercial sailboat to unload at Red Hook since 1939. In addition to aligning with their love of adventure and nautical history, it saves energy. And hey, wind is free!

Rick and Michael consider every last detail, and it shows through the presentation and of course the flavor. Just ask Thomas Keller or Alice Waters, or any of the countless other chefs who swear by their product.


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Cover photo by Jennifer Causey. Other photos by Photos via Geordie Wood/Vogue.