Jessica Hische, an Outstanding Letterer in San Francisco

Behind the scenes with Jessica Hische.

Jessica Hische is young but prolific with an impressive client list including Wes Anderson, Dave Eggers, The New York Times, OXFAM America, Target, Chronicle Books, Nike, Samsung… the list goes on. In addition to client work, she creates a beautiful capital letter every day for her Daily Drop Cap project. She’s also been honored twice as a Forbes 30 Under 30, among other national design awards.

Jessica’s work is full of charm. She claims that “it’s almost impossible to not inject a little bit of your personality into your work,” and hers definitely shines through. She loves talking to strangers and describes herself as “people forward,” which is perhaps why her work is just so inviting.

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Believe it or not, she wasn’t always a people-person. “I was very quiet as a child… I think I was an extrovert, but was just so deathly afraid of messing up.” However, when her parents divorced, she was challenged to be much more independent–letting go of her reserve and opening up as a result.

Jessica believes that work can and should be playful, and that a career can be a calling instead of just a job. She’s intent on spreading her message: “I do really hope that the work that I do and what I do in my life can influence other people, and make them excited to try to find their passions.”

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