Inside the Workshop: Bikes Built to Last a Lifetime

Meet Thomas Callahan, owner of Horse Cycles in Brooklyn. 

We think it’s great that Thomas isn’t focusing on making the next cool thing, but is instead mastering his craft and building bikes to last a lifetime. “I’m not making wacky futuristic bikes. I’m making bikes that are purposeful and utilitarian.” He crafts each steel frame to fit it’s future owner perfectly, so that it will be loved, valued, and treasured well beyond the life expectancy of most bicycles.

The company also values community and collaboration. From their website: “Community is what Horse Cycles is all about. We believe that the relationship between builder, rider and community strengthens the final outcome of our bikes. Horse believes in the value of supporting local sources and working with other local craftspeople strengthens our product.”
However, more than anything, Thomas just loves riding and wants to spread that passion–“I want people to get what I get, which is that feeling of freedom from the bikes. I want people to love the bikes they’re on, and love the ride.”
Stainless Steel Touring Machine.
POLO:  this frame and fork was made for Chris Roberts.
Custom dropouts
This bad bike is made for a strong messenger in Canada: Rishi Mayer.

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Photos via Horse Cycle, video via Cool Hunting.