DODOcase Wants You to Be a Maker Too

“We’ve always wanted our customers to feel a connection to a beautiful craft like bookbinding.”

Patrick Buckley, Chief DODO, explains the intent behind their custom cases (alongside gorgeous footage of DODOcase makers and their production process).

DODOcase specializes in cases for iPads and other modern products, but they also have a bit of a bookish obsession–specifically with saving the art of bookbinding from extinction. Hence the origin of the “DODO” name, referencing the quirky animal known as the posterchild of extinction. DODOcase’s focus is not only protecting your iPad, but also keeping art and craftsmanship alive in the modern age.

DODOcase is also known for its clever marketing. Before the founders even had product ready, they piggy-backed on the first iPad launch–using Craigslist to hire commission-based sales teams in various cities. The grassroots teams handed out flyers to fans (and bloggers) waiting in line for the first iPads, and the company ended up with more than 10,000 orders in the first few months!

These days, DODOcase is actively encouraging its customers to take an active role in the creation process. “It’s almost like the customer is here, looking over our shoulders, feeling the fabrics, picking the colors and patterns that suit their style.” Because of their relationship with Holliston, the last remaining book mill the US, they even feature unique colors that you can’t find anywhere else .

What would your custom DODOcase look like?

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